Top performance all around


Top performance all around

Renowned throughout the world for innovation: CARL WALTHER.
Walther guns have always been in a class of their own. Each is regarded as a milestone in development – from the 6.35 mm semiautomatic Model 1, designed in 1908 and sold starting in 1911, to the classic PP and PPK, and then the P38, which had a second career as the German army’s P1 service pistol, and right through to the present-day PPQ. The same is true for many sporting rifles and pistols that bear the famous Walther banner, such as the Walther GSP, the LG400 air rifle and the futuristic .22-caliber KK500 long rifle.

State-of-the-art research and production facilities in Ulm.
“Do everything so well that no one can surpass you.” That was the Carl Walther’s motto and the one shared by his son Fritz Walther, who reestablished the company in Ulm after World War II. In 1993 Walther joined the Umarex Group, preserving the invaluable expertise of its employees and securing a foundation for future investments. The company museum holds impressive documentation of this illustrious history, which goes back 130 years (for security reasons, access to the museum is limited and prior arrangement is necessary).



Certified quality and environmental management.
Walther’s renowned models are manufactured according to the highest quality standards. Its quality and environmental management system is regularly certified to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 and DIN EN ISO 14001:2004. This means that Carl Walther’s customers and business partners can be sure of getting excellent products and flexible, reliable service.
Today Carl Walther is one of the leading manufacturers of weapons for sporting and police use. Police units, armed forces and sport shooters have the highest regard for the performance of these sophisticated rifles and handguns. The legendary weapons made by Walther are prized by collectors everywhere.

Service for sport shooters and police.
Walther police weapons have become a legend. They are in use in Germany and throughout the world. Walther sporting weapons are among the most innovative on the market. Top international athletes place their trust in them – and win gold medals. Walther provides a special service to help train police officers and special units. It is also a preferred partner of successful sport shooters.



For sport shooters

  • Adjustment and tuning of weapons by the Master Workshop

  • Selection of suitable ammunition

  • Special shooting ranges for sport shooters

  • Complete range of special equipment and measuring instruments

  • Technical training by Carl Walther representatives

For police units

  • Interactive shooting range for police training, with state-of-the-art evaluation equipment

  • Special shooting range for endurance tests

  • Spacious training facilities for police seminars and workshop training

  • Special premises for quality inspections by police officers

  • Facilities for special tests, such as drop tests, sand, mud and temperature tests

  • Super-high-speed movie camera for error analysis