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    • PRODUCT RECALL for WALTHER CCP in 9 mm Luger

      We have to inform you about an important issue concerning the WALTHER pistol model CCP

      On the basis of customer complaints and subsequent in-house quality controls, we have established that under certain circumstances there can be an accident risk associated with Walther CCP pistol models. The pistol can discharge unintentionally when the loaded gun is dropped and lands in a certain position (irrespective of whether the manual safety has been engaged or not).

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      • Published at: 28. March 2017
    • Walther KK500: the end of a successful year

    • New WALTHER PPQ M2 9mmx19 Duty Pistol for the Taiwan Police

      After an extensive selection procedure for a new duty pistol for the “National Police Agency” (NPA) in Taiwan the manufacturer CARL WALTHER GMBH from Ulm/Germany has awarded the contract for 49,600 pieces duty pistols in November 2015. The first partial delivery will be made in summer 2016.

    • WALTHER P99Q for Estonian Police

      The first partial delivery of new Walther pistols model P99Q was already supplied to the
      „Estonian Police and Border Guard Board“ at the end of February. The Estonians equip
      their officers with the Ulm pistol which came out as winner in the course of an Europe-wide

      After extensive tests the Estonian Police could be convinced of the quality, accuracy and
      user friendliness of the Walther P99Q. We are very pleased that we have been able to
      acquire a further important customerin the law enforcement sector.

    • WALTHER P99Q large-scale order from the Netherlands

      In the course of an Europe-wide tender for the new armament the Dutch Police has decided in favour of the traditional manufacturer WALTHER. Once again Walther was able to prevail convincingly against the competition and awarded the contract with an order volume of 45,000 pistols for the WALTHER P99 Q NL.

    • The Finland Police chooses the WALTHER P99Q

      Fortunately, the company CARL WALTHER GMBH is able to report a further important success in the Law Enforcement business. In the course of an Europe-wide tender for the supply of pistols for the Finnish police, border guard, and customs WALTHER awarded the contract for a maximum order volume of 7.800 pistols.