The Arabesque unites technical and aesthetic perfection in a one-of-a-kind piece of art. The frame, slide and sights are ideally configured and matched to a fine-tuned Dynamic Performance Trigger. The finish and engraving of this special firearm make it a unified aesthetic whole.

World-renowned master engraver Dario Cortini created a classic work of art based on intricate arabesques in a typical Italian Bulino style. The punched, finely chased pattern is enhanced with 24-carat gold inlays.





The Caucasian walnut grip plates have 20 lpi checkering. The gun fits in the user’s hand like a custom-made glove.

The Walther Arabesque is a true masterpiece of engineering, ergonomics and craftsmanship: the ultimate in gunmaking art.





The barrel, frame, slide and even the magazine butt plate of the Arabesque are polished by hand, Tenifer®-coated and then again hand-polished for maximum surface hardness and corrosion protection.

The outstanding profile of the Dynamic Performance Trigger guarantees superb accuracy. This sport trigger with its distinctive aluminum blade is made for dynamic shooting. The first-stage travel, after-travel and return travel are short, and the straight trigger breaks crisply at 2.5 kg.





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