Master Workshop

Master Workshop

Exactly the way I wanted it: Unique. Outstanding. Unmistakable.




My new Walther.

Exactly the way I wanted it: Unique. Outstanding. Unmistakable.


The newly established Walther Master Workshop (“Meister Manufaktur” in German), headed by experienced master gunsmith Matthias Schulzendorf, makes firearms that are absolutely unique. Working closely with his customers, Schulzendorf (portrait further down) builds one-of-a-kind guns that bear his engraved signature and the famous Walther ribbon logo. Anything is possible, whether it is an air rifle stock made of figured walnut burl, a PPQ frame with a Cerakote coating and matching holster or a pistol with an exclusive hard chrome finish. The options also include sophisticated technical features like custom-tuned triggers for service pistols, alternative functional elements or special sights. By developing a relationship of trust with his customers, Matthias Schulzendorf is able to produce a result that when finally completed is nothing less than “my Walther”. As a longtime Walther employee, he knows everything about production at the company. He is familiar with the machinery and can always draw on the know-how of his colleagues at the factory. But the master craftsman, who received his training in the famous gunsmithing town of Suhl, is always ready to add his own personal touch or give practical shooting tips.


Showroom of the Master Workshop:
This is where you can come to obtain advice, view other specimens and examine them up close to judge their quality.


Matthias Schulzendorf.

Master gunsmith.



Matthias Schulzendorf

Master certificate

Age 38 and a master of his trade for 15 years:
Matthias Schulzendorf can look back on an unusual career. His father was a hunting outfitter with his own store in northern Germany. After completing vocational school in Suhl, a well-known center of arms production, he immediately went on to become a master gunsmith. During this same time, he worked in weapons maintenance while doing military service. But after completing his training as a gunsmith he decided not to return to the family business. Instead, in 2002 he joined Carl Walther in Ulm – first in final inspection at the shooting range and then in production of the P99. Later he helped to develop the Walther PPS, where he focused on practical tests and improvements. In 2005, after the company relocated from the center of Ulm to the new factory, Schulzendorf helped to establish the new department for assembly of the PPS. And then in 2015 the management asked him to head the Master Workshop – an idea that had long been discussed and was now ready for implementation. Schulzendorf loves to practice with large-caliber firearms and is active in the company’s shooting team, which is a member of the BDMP, a large Germany’s target-shooting association. The experience he gained has served him well as a maker of firearms and provider of advice to customers. Here you see him checking out the flawless walnut stock of the LG400.


My new Walther

The details are what make the difference



Final polishing with sandpaper brings out the unique grain of the walnut grip for the Walther LG400.


This PPQ in camo is a gun you’ll never want to put down, one reason being that you’d never find it again in the grass.


Even a muzzle tube of a different color will make your air rifle unique. We also supply accessories in special designs. Ask us!


Heat is what does it – PPQ slide covers show these unusual colors when tempered to different degrees.

LP400 Gold

The Master Workshop produced 130 special gold models, each of them truly unique, to mark the company’s 130th anniversary. The photo shows an LP400.


CERAKOTE is a durable finish that can be applied to metal in any color – so why not on diopters?




How do I obtain “my” Walther firearm?


Always start with your dealer. Orders must be placed through a Walther sales partner, which will also handle payment (to find the dealer nearest you, click on “Find your local Walther dealer”). Your dealer can provide basic information, and for in-depth advice you can also contact the Master Workshop directly – after all, the goal is to build a highly individual and hopefully unique firearm. Please also note that this service is only for new firearms. To enhance a gun that you already own, get in touch with a qualified gunsmith of your choice.

When you first contact director Matthias Schulzendorf (by phone or by e-mail), you’ll discuss the details of the project, the various possible alternatives and of course the final price. You’ll get honest information from the very start. Manual labor and customization are not cheap. But the price will be fair and transparent. After all, we want you to recommend our products and services to others. When the plans have been drawn up, you’ll be told roughly how long the work will take. This may depend on a number of factors that are not under the workshop’s control, such as the current order intake, the need to procure special parts or the time required for delivery by external finishing companies, such as those that provide Cerakote coatings. Finally, you will be notified that your new Walther firearm has been completed.

We’ll carefully pack it, insure it and send it to your dealer to be picked up. But you’re also welcome to arrange a pick-up at the Walther factory in Ulm, in which case you’ll have a chance to visit the workshop, enjoy a personal guided tour of the production buildings with Matthias Schulzendorf and visit the Walther museum – a valuable experience that is not otherwise possible for private individuals. Travel and accommodation will be at your expense. When can we start work on “your” new Walther?


Your contact to Walther Master Workshop


Matthias Schulzendorf · Tel +49-731-1539-123 · ·






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