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Walther ProSecur Pepper Spray, 10% OC

content: 74 ml

Technical data

Weight100 g
Content74 ml
Effective distance5 m
Typeconical jet
Active Ingredient10% OC
Height125 mm






      Dangerous situations always arise unexpectedly. You might be jogging, taking a walk, or going to work: a threat can occur all of a sudden. Millions of people around the world rely on pepper sprays for such confrontations. They not only provide fast and effective protection while helping to deescalate the situation, they are discreet. This pepper spray provides effective protection in an emergency. The proven active ingredient oleoresin capsicum and reliable valve mechanism ensure that you can always defend yourself.

      NEW: The WALTHER ProSecur defense sprays of the latest generation have a number of improved characteristics. All sprays and gels have nano-particles added to them that are visible only under ultraviolet light. They leave an inconspicuous marking on offenders that can be detected several days later.

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