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Walther Q5 Match Champion, 17-round, 9 mm x 19, AM

Semi-Automatic Pistol

    Sport shooters’ dream: Walther Q5 Match Champion

    With its 5-inch slide the PPQ M2 unmistakably showed that it was made for sport shooters, and it proved itself in many competitions. In addition to the longer sight radius it offered shooters excellent balance and trigger characteristics that were unequalled by any pistol in its class. Now the 9mm WALTHER Q5 Match Champion goes a step further.

    Its sportier slide sets it apart from the standard PPQ M2 5". Wide rear serrations facilitate rapid but safe loading. The slide is ported to help manage recoil and muzzle climb and improve barrel cooling. The Q5 Match Champion is supplied with three interchangeable adapter plates for red-dot sights from Trijicon, Leupold and Docter/Meopta. The neutral adapter plate holds an LPA click sight with elevation and windage adjustments, and the matching LPA front sight additionally has a fiber-optic insert (please note: these components have a different dovetail mount and do not fit the standard PPQ models).
    The pistol comes with three 17-round magazines for competition plus a hex wrench for changing the adapter plates.

    The Q5 Match Champion can be instantly recognized by its trigger: adjustable sear engagement for crisp trigger break plus blue trigger (not available as an accessory!) and a trigger bar with blue AFC coating provide a better trigger characteristic.

    Q5 Match Champion
    Proven Q5 Match features plus:

    Crisp trigger break by adjustable sear engagement
    Tungsten Recoil Spring Assembly to manage muzzle climb
    Three 17-round magazines

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