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Walther Hand Pump

for all Walther 300 bar compressed air cylinders

Technical data

Dimensions (L/H/W)210/630/120 (incl. foot rest) mm






    In cooperation with the company Hill, a leading manufacturer of pumps, we managed to offer you the latest generation of hand pumps to fill Walther 300 bar compressed air rifles and pistols. A unique dry air flow system meets thehigh demands placed on air quality by modern sporting arms. Besides the advanced technology it was also attached great importance to a practical and ergonomical handling. You can connect the Walther cylinder directly and fill it with up to 230 bar of compressed air.

    Dry Air Flow System
    The innovative and patented Hill Dry-Pac System makes it possible to filter out
    · 90 % of the moisture and
    · 99 % of harmful particles before your cylinder is filled.

    Safe transport
    The lightweight Hill hand pump can be transported safe and easy, even in plane, train, ship or car.

    Easy maintenance
    A regular maintenance can be made directly by the user. The detailed technical instruction manual is easy to understand and is available as download in the internet.

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