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Walther Walther OilPad 40x50 cm

for pistols

Technical data





        The first tested and approved gun cleaning pad that binds safe and reliable oil and chemicals.

        Suitable for pistols and revolvers (40 x 50 cm)

        • Slip and tear resistant

        • Highly absorbent, without leaking

        • Holds up to 0.9 liters of liquid and keeps it

        • Protects your work surface reliably against dirt and scratches

        Simply lay yourpistol onto the Oilpad. All liquids for cleaning and maintenance of your pistol are absorbed and retained. There's nothing left that penetrates to the work surface. Thanks to the waterproof sheet and the honeycomb-like structure, the work area is kept clean and protected from scratches. The OilPad really captures all: moisture, gun oils, cleaners and solvents .....

        OilPad - easy, convenient, clean!

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