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Walther LG400-E Expert Auflage (bench rest), right, M-grip

Match Air Rifle

Technical data

SystemCompressed air 300 and 200 bar
Caliber4.5 mm (.177) pellet
CylinderSteel cylinder with pressure gauge
Magazine capacityapprox. 600 shot(s)
Max. energy7.5 Joule(s)
StockAluminium stock carrier
Stock lenght310-390 mm
GripMEMORY 3D-grip PROTOUCH, right M
TriggerTwo-stage E-trigger and dry-firing trigger
Trigger Weight15-120 g
SightsINSIGHT-OUT competition sight and Centra foresight
Sight length650-850 mm
BarrelCarbon barrel jacket
Barrel length420 mm
Dimensions (L/H/W)1075-1100/290/50 mm
Weight4300 g
PackagingPlastic case






    The time is right for the E

    The top model Walther LG400 Expert is now available with electronic trigger for bench rest shooting.

    In particular bench-rest shooters make high demands on the performance of the rifle. The e-trigger adjustable down to 15 g only has a decisive competitive advantage here. For these shooters Walther has developed a special bench-rest version of the LG400-E based on the Expert version.

    WALTHER E-TRIGGER - the advantages:
    · Trigger pull weight can be reduced to 15 g
    · Wear-free operation and exact trigger settings over many years
    · Choice between two-stage mode and direct trigger mode
    · Realistic dry-firing conditions (dry-firing trigger)
    · Rechargeable battery
    · Rechargeable via mini-USB from any PC or charger
    · Charging time for 100 shots: approx. 1 min.
    · Total charging time: approx. 90 min.
    · Possible number of shots that can be fired with one battery charge: more than 5000
    · LED indicators for system readiness and battery charge level
    · Automatic e-trigger turnoff when not in use

    LG400 EXPERT:
    · Compressed air system for 300 and 200 bar
    · Modular system for personal features and upgrades.
    · Individually adjustable center of gravity and weight distribution
    · EQUALIZER magnetic absorber system
    · Pressure reducer with QUICKCLEAN air filter
    · Steel cylinder with pressure gauge
    · Ergonomically shaped loading lever can be placed on the left-hand or right-hand side
    · Carbon fiber barrel jacket
    · ECO valve technology:
    - Minimal opening pulse
    - Reduced shot development time
    · Breech: convenient loading, precise pellet guidance
    · Loading status indicator
    · Dry firing trigger
    · E-trigger for extremely fine settings
    · Aluminium stock with a wide range of settings and T-slot rail
    · Stock tilt is possible
    · Precision stock length and cheek piece setting
    · 3D grip adjustment with MEMORY effect
    · Infinitely adjustable fore-end with knee joint
    · Light metal butt plate MEC CONTACT III
    · Absolutely tension-free barrel mounting
    · INSIGHT-OUT match diopter, CENTRA SCORE foresight holder
    · Sight elevation UP
    · Barrel weight, fore-end weights
    · Gun case and accessories

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