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Hämmerli AR20 Silver PRO Set

Match Air Rifle

Technical data

SystemCompressed air 300 and 200 bar
Caliber4.5 mm (.177) pellet
CylinderAlu cylinder with pressure gauge
Magazine capacity350 shot(s)
Max. energy7.5 Joule(s)
Velocity170 m/s
StockStock carrier made of aluminium
TriggerTwo-stage trigger
SightsBasic diopter and standard foresight holder
Sight lengthup to 800 mm
Barrel length500 mm
Dimensions (L/H/W)1058-1109/230/60 mm
Weight3970 g
Finish / Engravingsilver






    Getting started in sport shooting

    Your sport.
    You’ve discovered the fun of shooting. Then make it your personal sport. Get your own weapon and join a club. WALTHER/HÄMMERLI and your NATIONAL Shooting Federation will help you. Together they are fostering young talent in gun clubs.

    Your personal StarterSet.
    WALTHER offers you a complete StarterSet of the professional Hämmerli brand. It has everything you
    need to get started in sport shooting. And best of all, you can put the StarterSet together yourself.

    Select your gun:
    Your Hämmerli AR20 match air rifle is a real winner. It’s made in Germany by WALTHER, one of the best gun manufacturers in the world. This top-quality rifle has a cool design and comes in three trendy colors: Silver, HotRed and DeepBlue.

    Select your equipment:
    Your outfit is made of high-tech material - sporty, with all kinds of functional details to assist you in training and competition. Many sizes to choose from. Plus a matching rifle case and sport bag.

    Make your own selection:
    Silver StarterSet at an unbeatable price the Silver StarterSet is a record-breaker. This silver match
    air rifle, plus training equipment, is yours for an unbeatable price (ask your local dealer). For this package price you normally can’t even get a rifle by itself.

    Order in whatever way is convenient: interactively at

    You can also buy your StarterSet directly from the dealer.

    AR20 StarterSet Silver
    Including match air rifle and equipment:
    • Hämmerli match air rifle AR20 Silver PRO
    • Hämmerli shooting jacket*
    • Hämmerli shooting pant*
    • Hämmerli shooting shoes*
    • Hämmerli shooting glove*
    • Hämmerli sport bag
    • Hämmerli rifle case
    You can also put together your own StarterSet.
    Anything’s possible - do your own configuring.

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