We would like to inform you about an important issue and would request you to publish the following information promptly.

On the basis of customer complaints and subsequent in-house quality controls, we have established that under certain circumstances there can be an accident risk associated with Walther CCP pistol models. The pistol can discharge unintentionally when the loaded gun is dropped and lands in a certain position (irrespective of whether the manual safety has been engaged or not).

Depending on the circumstances in the individual case, severe damage to persons can be done in such a case. Since the safety of customers is our absolute priority, we have decided to carry out a voluntary product recall.


The following serial number ranges are affected:

number location

To avoid any risk, owners of WALTHER CCP pistols should no longer load the weapon, unload the weapon immediately and not fire any shots with the gun. Whether a pistol is affected can be identified on the basis of the serial number. This can be seen in the ejection window and is engraved on the barrel:

WA111844 to WA111940
WK001205 to WK014663
WK022834 to WK045920
WK050921 to WK068221


What to do:


The first point of contact is the specialist dealer where the weapon was purchased. Our Dealers have already been informed in detail. They will return the guns for inspection to our works. We will return the guns as quick as possible the same way, via the dealer. All this is naturally free of charge for customers.

Inspected and approved CCPs can be identified by the very small milled dot on the magazine shaft (see photo):

As compensation for any inconvenience caused, each customer who sends in his or her CCP will have this returned with a free additional spare magazine.

We will answer any customer questions on this product recall by email. Please send these to the following email address which has been set up specifically for this:

Please forward this recall info to other CCP owners, that you know and who might not know about it. Thanks for your cooperation and support!


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