• When and where was my Walther weapon produced?

    As the effort for such investigations is very labour-intensive and therefore very expensive, only for authorities such questions can be answered free of charge. Such investigations for private individuals can only be made against payment of a handling fee.



  • Information on my weapon with Zella-Mehlis marking

    For all weapons produced in ZELLA-MEHLIS prior to 1945 we do not have any records available, as these documents have been lost in the chaos of war. Post-war weapons were produced in ULM, DONAU.



  • Information on my weapon with marking of other manufacturers

    For pistols produced by the company MANURHIN in France and sold on behalf of the company MANURHIN, we also do not have any records available and unfortunately unable to supply any information. The same situation applies to the pistols PPK and PPK/S produced in the USA.



  • Are there general information in order to identify a weapon?

    Since 1958 on German weapons the corresponding year is marked next to the German proof mark. These are the last 2 numbers of the corresponding year. From 1968 the year is coded by 2 letters. The code is translated as follows: A=0; B=1; C=2; D=3; E=4; F=5; G=6; H=7; I=8; K=9. In order to prevent confusion, only the letter “I” but no “J” is used. Therefore a weapon with code HK was proof-fired in the year 1979.



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