International competition in Munich


Air Rifle Women 1. Competition
Sonja Pfeilschifter GermanyLG400 Anatomic Expert, left, M-grip
5. Place Lessia Leskiv UkraineLG400 Anatomic Expert, right, M-grip
10m Air Rifle Women 2. Competition
Sonja Pfeilschifter GermanyLG400 Alutec Expert, left, M-grip
7. Place Lisa Ungerank AustriaLG300XT Alutec, right, M-grip
8. Place Ella Sternberg IsraelLG300XT Alutec, right, M-grip
Air Rifle Women Junior 1. Competition
Katinka Szijj HungaryLG300XT Alutec Protouch, right, M-grip
4. Place Gabriela Vognarova Czech RepublicLG400 Alutec Expert, right, M-grip
7. Place Jennifer Olry FranceLG300XT Anatomic, right, M-grip
8. Place Christina Teigen NorwayLG300XT Alutec Protouch, right, M-grip
Air Rifle Women Junior 2. Competition
5. Place Sparer Melanie ItalyLG300XT Alutec, right, M-grip
10m Air Rifle Men 1.Competition
Ibrahim H. Öztürk TurkeyLG400 Anatomic Expert, right, M-grip
10m Air Rifle Men 2. Competition
6. Place Pletikosic Stevan SerbiaLG300XT Alutec, right, M-grip
7. Place Yuri Shcherbatsevich BelarusLG300XT Carbontec, right, M-grip
Air Rifle Men Junior 1. Competition
Ratsko, Dzmitry BelarusLG300XT Anatomic, right, M-grip
Gernot Rumpler AustriaLG300XT Carbontec, right, M-grip
5. Place Istvan Kapas HungaryLG400 Alutec Expert, right, M-grip
6. Place Giuseppe Capano ItalyLG300XT Alutec, right, M-grip
7. Place Janker Michael GermanyLG400 Alutec Expert, right, M-grip
Air Pistol Men 1. Competition
Oleg Omelchuk UkraineLP300XT Protouch
Andrija Zlatic SerbiaLP300XT right M-grip
6. Place Ivan Bidniak UkraineLP400 Alu Compact right, MEMORY 3D-grip size S
7. Place Damir Mikec SerbiaLP300XT Protouch
Air Pistol Men 2. Competition
4. Place Oleg Omelchuk UkraineLP300XT Protouch
5. Place Denys Kushnirov UkraineLP300XT Protouch
Air Pistol Men Junior 2. Competition
Philipp Grimm LP400 Alu right, MEMORY 3D-grip size M
Artsiom Lukyanavets BelarusLP300XT Protouch


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