ISSF World Cup Rifle/Pistol - Ft.Benning, USA

26.03.2014 - 03.04.2014

10m Air Rifle Men
LOUGINETS, Nazar Russian FederationLG400 Anatomic
STEFANOVIC, Milutin SerbiaLG300XT Anatomic
RICHTER, Sergey IsraelLG300XT Alutec
5. Place SIDI, Peter HungaryLG300XT Carbontec
50m Rifle Prone Men
JUNGHAENEL, Henri GermanyKK300 Alutec
8. Place BEN HEFER, Immanuel IsraelKK300 Alutec
10m Air Rifle Women
MAKSIMOVIC, Ivana SerbiaLG400 Anatomic
ZHUKOVA, Anna Russian FederationLG300XT Alutec
5. Place RAMOS, Salma Maricruz MexicoLG400 Alutec
6. Place PAUL, Ayonika IndiaLG300XT Anatomic
8. Place PFEILSCHIFTER, Sonja GermanyLG400 Alutec
KK 3x40 Men
LOUGINETS, Nazar Russian FederationKK300 Alutec
50m Rifle 3x20 Women
7. Place OLZVOIBAATAR, Yanjinlkham MongoliaKK300 Alutec
50m Free Pistol Men
6. Place ISAKOV, Vladimir Russian FederationFP60
7. Place PANG, Wei ChinaFP60


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