YOG Qualification - Ft.Benning, USA

26.03.2014 - 03.04.2014

Air RifleYouth Men Youth
DECICILIA, Lucas ArgentinaLG400 Alutec
VALDES MARTINEZ, Jose Santos MexicoLG400 Alutec
5. Place ZEPEDA, Carlos MexicoLG400 Alutec
6. Place ROMERO, Enzo Santiago ArgentinaLG400 Alutec
7. Place MARTIN, Miichael Francis CanadaLG400 Alutec
8. Place CONCHA-TORO, Emiliano ColombiaLG400 Alutec
Air Rifle Women Youth
CARRERA ROMERO, Carla MexicoLG300 Universal
4. Place RUSSO, Fernanda ArgentinaLG400 Alutec


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